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Author Topic: A retro review, my first CW show May 1st 2007  (Read 128 times)
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« on: May 14, 2017, 11:25:08 PM »

   Next month I plan to see CW at Red Rocks. That is tradition. But it will be my first time seeing them without Máiréad. I do like Tara, and I'm sure she is quite good. We had a nice Facebook exchange before management shut those things down. So I look forward to it and being with fan friends once more.

   But this review takes us back ten years. There was no Máiréad forum. I was not even on line yet! (insert caveman icon) So I did no review of it anywhere. It would be several months more before I joined the CWF, and even then only for a short while. And it would be many months before the creation of this forum. So it seems only right that I share my very early and first experiences with CW and our favorite fiddler here.

   I had seen CW on New Mexico PBS by accident in early 2006. It was the original Helix show. I liked it and was very drawn to Lisa Kelly for some reason. Kind of a girl next door thing. So I made sure to look for them on PBS if they aired it again. That summer they did the ANJ recording at Slane Castle. They aired it for the end of the year pledge drive. And that show totally hooked me. And that show also cemented a link with Máiréad. It was literally the girl of my dreams I'd had since age 10. In any case, I knew then and there I wanted to go see them in person. But I did not go through PBS. Instead I bought a pair of tickets through Ticketmaster at a local store. I knew nothing at the time about meetings and did not really desire to meet them. Yet. Why two tickets? I wanted to take my niece who would be 9 years old at show time. I wanted her to see and hear women in entertainment she could aspire to be like, and not the sleazy pop divas and rap rubbish. I got seats 20 rows back. No big deal. I didn't need to be up close. Yet. At the time I had no idea how things would change and how integral a part of my life they would become.

   In April 2007 my niece gave me two CDs in an Easter basket. One was the original CW Helix show, and the other a Meav CD. On April 17th I listened to both. But one song on the CW CD caught me so I played it a couple more times before going to bed. It was Lisa Kelly singing Send Me A song. At about three in the morning I awoke from a sound sleep with a poem in my head and was startled by an incredibly vivid dream where I lived two weeks in Ireland during the famine. I have had out of body experiences at times but never a vivid dream. Whatever it was it opened a huge creative flow in me. I had only a few months before moved up to Colorado and begun a purge in mind, body, and spirit. I was told the natives from there believed a creative stream flowed through the valley and one could tap into it if open and receptive. It would seem I was. I wrote about a dozen more before the concert and even mailed them off to Celtic Woman whose address was on the CD. Now I DID want to meet them. But that would have to wait for another year.

    May 1st came around and I drove down that morning to Albuquerque. I stopped for lunch at my favorite Indian place in Santa Fe and then went to my brother's house. I had gotten Ella the ANJ gift set with the CD and the charm. She wore the latter to the show. It was a bit of an Irish weather evening. The performance was at the venue at the convention center downtown. My brother, his wife, and the person she was guardian over also went and were a few rows back from us. Little did I know then that another person who would join us here later was also there. Heathbrae. It was a decent venue. The show was ANJ with all the songs many of us know so well. And it was the original lineup. Orla was as haunting as ever, Meav as regal as ever, Chloe still childlike, Lisa still the girl next door and now the one who had been the key in God's hand to open me up. And then there was that fiddler. Wow, could she move! And could she play! I was mesmerized even at that distance. The sound was good. The light show was very nice. It swept me up. I smiled a lot, teared up a lot, and was so grateful to be there. I just knew this had to make an impression on Ella. At intermission we all talked and everyone was very impressed with the live show and especially Máiréad. Who could not be?!  Shocked Of course I bought a program, a CD, a DVD, and a T-shirt. Yep, I was seriously smitten with it all. The second act was as marvelous as the first and at the end I knew I wanted to see this again. Well, no worries there as I had bought a ticket for Red Rocks for later that month! It was over far too fast! We went home and dropped off Ella and I stayed in a nearby hotel before making my way the four hours back north. And I was drooling over Red Rocks! An iconic venue with this lovely group. Again, I had a Ticketmaster ticket 20 rows back.

   I do not remember the original May date for that show, or rather the show that never happened. But the date came and I borrowed a car to drive up for the show. A front was moving in, a cold one. On my drive north I hit heavy snow up near Fairplay which is at about 10,000'. But I drove out of it and when I got to Morrison it was pretty nice. i had coffee at the cafe and wandered around inside the venue as they set up. We got kicked out once it got farther along. And the clouds rolled in. And then the rain began. No worries, ticket says rain or shine. And then the wind came up. And then there was lots of lightning, thunder, and hail. I sat in the car and listened to the radio. At one point the radio station said the show was still on rain or shine. It would seem lots of folks had been calling in. So, about a half hour before gate time I hike up the slope to wait near the head of the line. It was still raining and the wind was raw and strong. it was very cold. I knew only a few thousand feet up it was snowing. We waited. And we waited more. It was 45 minutes past gate time and then the venue people came out and said, show cancelled. No explanation. Tickets said rain or shine. What?!! i was not at all happy! So I went back to the hotel bent on sending a complaint to CW. But how? I did not even have an email account yet and never been on line!Another fan was there and let me use her email account to send a letter. I then followed up when i got home. A lot of folks were mad. I used the email account of the guy I worked with. In the end they decided to come back at the end of that tour and make the show up in early July. And they would do two nights! All I had to do was exchange my ticket. Easier said than done. It seemed that Ticketmaster outlets did not work together in such a way as you could exchange over the phone or at a different agent. I was again unhappy and let their regional manager know it! I had to drive all the way back to Albuquerque to exchange my ticket!  Angry So I did and got the same seat for night one.

    In the communications with CW about all this they had let me know of the recording they would be doing over there that summer. It was for a Christmas show. In all my time in the airlines I had never been to Ireland. That in spite of working with an Irish girl at LAX while with Continental. OK, perfect! And the ticket for the show was free! So I told them I wanted one. But I failed to ask for one for night two.  Tongue DOH! Exact dates were not up yet and they said they'd let us know about thirty days before or so. By the time I went to Red Rocks again I had my airline tickets and hotel reservations. I will address the Red Rocks redo with my Red Rocks review next month and the trip to Ireland on that anniversary date. Suffice it to say I had mixed reviews about all this but it did not deter from the quality of the show or my desire to connect with the artists. More poems came every day and I so wanted them to be made into songs. It would remain a passion and remain to be seen if that could happen. I was new to all this. But I was on my way to something I had never before experienced. What a journey it would be.     

An fidléir's mínealaíne i sprite iomlán sin
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« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2017, 11:51:57 PM »

Smiles and tears.......  So many memories.
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« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2017, 12:34:48 AM »

Thanks, Scott.  Interesting you should write a "Ten Years Later" retrospective review, at one point I considered doing something similar to my original review of my first-ever show, with a view of how things felt ten years (or so) later.  By the way, the original date for Red Rocks that they cancelled was May 23, 2007.  To date, it appears to be the only cancelled U.S. show, at least that I have found.  The make-up dates were June 28 and 29, 2007.


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One CWazy Canadian!

« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2017, 11:57:57 PM »

Interesting look into the time capsule.

Weather is indeed one of my concerns about an outdoor venue I would have to travel to at great expense. We got quite fortunate in PTC this year. The sky really unloaded just after the post-show fan gathering dispersed. Nothing quite like driving in an unfamiliar rental car in an area I don't know with a GPS that's not working properly at something like 1:30 AM with rain so heavy I could barely see the road in an area I didn't really feel comfortable pulling over and stopping...

<CWazy Tom takes a breath>

I'm hoping I see them at Red Rocks one day, but oh boy that weather for an outdoor venue is concern.

I know one day Celtic Woman will take their final bow and all we'll be left with is wonderful memories. But I know 10 years after my first concert, I'll be looking back fondly on that moment as you have, reflecting on this group and how it changed my life. It was the one (and probably only) show in which I saw Mairead Nesbitt perform live with Celtic Woman.
VonnyandJohn from Oz
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« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2017, 11:09:41 PM »

Thanks Scott Smiley Lovely reading and you capture feelings so beautifully.

So glad we met you in Sydney (with some others). STILL no word on CW in Oz for this year, trying hard to stay positive!

If we had known that 2015 was the last show in Oz with Mairead................... would we have flown back from Ireland for it??
Probably not but it hurts.

The positive that came out of that is that our daughter (to whom we gave the tickets) has taken up playing her violin again 
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