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Author Topic: Asheville 3/22  (Read 2615 times)
Celtic Fiddler
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« on: March 28, 2017, 05:48:01 PM »

I saw the voices of angels tour last week  in Asheville and I can say without a doubt it was one of the best celtic woman shows I was at. This was my tenth show and at it's looking like my final show in the south so it was special. It had a feeling of melancholy because it was my first show without Mairead on the fiddle, but Tara is a worthy successor; she doesn't try and copy Mairead, which I really appreciated and she brings her own style to the violin and a wonderful personality the stage.I really enjoyed the entire show. Tara blew me away, with For the love a princess being one of the highlights,  along with Mairead's Ave Maria, as well as time to say good bye.  I enjoyed the new version of Orinoco flow and Inhooe it gets released on a future album. My only issue was that Mairead didn't sing "a time for us" I did meet Tara, Eabha and a Mairead afterwards and had nice conversations with them all. Tara was the first out and she signed my fiddler crossing sign and commented that she had seen me in the audience and knew all the words. Mairead and Eabha came over together and Mairead called me out by name and gave me a big hug. I surprised her by bringing the booklet from the little prince which she apperead in, to which she told me she doesn't own a copy and she had performed it with a throaty infection. We spoke a little bit about Anna Netrebko who we both adore since I'm seeing her next may, so I'm hoping to get Anna's autograph for her her. Eabha was a delight as usual and I had a nice conversation with her. I told her that she looked like Belle from "Beauty and the beast" and she told me that I wasn't the first person who told her that and it was one of her favourite compliments to get. Anyway, I really enjoyed the show and I really hope everyone enjoys the show as much as I did, until next year you guys, - Dash

silent night, tell me that the night is long, holy night, all is calm, and we'll keep the music flowing until all the songs are sung
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