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Author Topic: Cleveland/Williamsport + photos  (Read 793 times)
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« on: April 04, 2016, 10:02:29 AM »

I'm not a writer of good reviews mainly because I get too engrossed in the music and the show and totally forget all the fine details. There are many good reviews on various forums about the Destiny tour so far, so instead I have posted a link to some of the photos from the Cleveland and Williamsport shows I went to last week.

In Cleveland I somehow ended up with 5 free seats (stage right - looking out) right next to the stage. I had booked C203. No one turned up for the 2 extra seats in row C or the 2 in row B. There was no A. So other than being at the end of the stage, I did have a very good view. First time for me seeing Destiny live and I was captivated. I didn't have an M&G pass but did receive little nods of recognition from cast & crew as it were.

One thing that really bugged me was that the theatre staff were all extremely "anal" about telling people to put away their phones etc. as there was no photography at all. This even after the announcement that specifically says "no FLASH photography". I went to see the house manager in the intermission and right there on her desk was a handout for staff with the first few lines of "No audio/video. No flash photography ....". She eventually acknowledged a "miscommunication" and I certainly wasn't hassled anymore, don't know about other people.

Two days later in Williamsport I had M&G tickets (courtesy of Rob) and we had front row slightly left of centre stage. We met up with a couple of other "really dedicated" followers and had a meal at the hotel right next door to the theatre. A quick 30 second walk had us in the theatre and passes in hand off to the M&G. Unlike Cleveland, which it seems from reports reverted to the "basement corridor" M&G style so detested by all who pay good money for them, we went upstairs to an empty but well lit room that provided good space for all to wait along with a plain backdrop for the photos.

Show starts @ 7:30pm, Sett brings the ladies in @ 7:10pm - fast M&G (as is usual unfortunately). Anyway great hugs and "quick" talk to the ladies (Sett is always there gesturing towards the exit), great seats, great show (can't remember any of it!) and great meeting up with other fans not seen for some time.

I have 4 shows left this year (later in June) and hope I can get some more and different photos to share.
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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2016, 09:58:24 AM »

Thank you for the photos and the brief review! Yes, this is not the only group out there where communications to venue staff about photography has been a problem. Some venues also have a blanket policy about it not matter what the artists allow. Glad the second half went better. Yes, the meet and greets are nowhere near consistent. They vary in price, vary in location within a venue, and vary in how much time is allowed. So, I made the decision after the last one I had down on Phoenix that there would be no more of those for me. I've met them all many times now and I don't need to throw money at some rapid fire howdy do in a broom closet,  Roll Eyes You're right that there are numerous content reviews here, most of very high quality, so reviews like yours are also important as are photos. Thanks for posting.

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