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Author Topic: Steve Miller Band Wolftrap 7/27  (Read 842 times)
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« on: July 27, 2010, 10:42:11 PM »

Well to begin a week of increadable shows this one takes me back to my favorite venue Wolftrap. I've been a fan of the Steve Miller band from my teenage years growing up mostly in the 70's Steve was part of my childhood soundtrack. Who would believe it took me 35 years to see him live. and he was well worth it. my seats weren't that bad row R seat 72 not what I'm used to these days but not that bad. before the show starts there is a curtain over the stage it says space cowboy a line from the joker. about 15 minutes before the show starts you can hear Steve tuning up way cool around 5 after 8 with 20% not seated the electralux embargo starts that is the beginning of Jet Airliner 2 guys pull down the curtain low tech hehe gets the job done. during Jet airliner the crowd remained standing. the interication tonight was like nothing I've seen yet at any show increadable to say the least next up was Take the Money and Run another hit from those same recordings that gave us Fly Like an eagle and Book Of Dreams. Steve has a new CD called bingo he did a few songs from it but mostly hits and stuff from the pre joker days. one interesting distraction 2 Beach balls that made the rounds even winding up on stage twice hehe. Steve covered some Muddy Waters and some other blues artist he has a lot of guitars and played at least 20 of them one a acoustic that a roadie gave him in 1969 after asking Steve to preform at his wedding. well he took it on the plane checked it they lost it. 3 years later he gets a call from the FBI funny story they found it a airline employee stole it it was in Alaska and was pawned.. well its getting late I need sleep Ill ad more tomorrow afternoon to sum it up Steve Miller puts on a great show I hope to look as good as him when I'm 65 Grin


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