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Author Topic: Cherish the Ladies  (Read 1139 times)
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« on: March 06, 2010, 05:06:55 AM »

A great show. Caught their concert here on March 5th.  As with many things that involve me, things weren't "normal" lol 

First, as I am walking toward the Byham, which is a small old renovated theatre, I see a fairly large group of young men standing in front, some holding hockey sticks and wearing hockey shirts, with a few other older men. I thought maybe its a high school or college hockey team, with a few parents and coaches along. But theres no hockey rink close. Some of them had binders with what appeared to be photos inside. Some had hockey cards. Then I spotted a guy signing stuff, and people from this group moving toward him. He seemed accommodating, signing a few things, taking a few steps, signing a few more. Then I heard someone say "He is a baseball player" which doesnt make sense. Too many hockey sticks around. I know what the most popular Pittsburgh Penguins look like. He wasnt Pittsburgh Penguin / Canadian Gold Medal Olympic Hero Sidney Crosby, or Geno Malkin, or Marc-Andre Fluery, etc. But he was clearly popular. So I spot 2 hotel doormen talking with a group of people asking directions, about town, etc, so I wait until they are done, and I ask the doorman "Who is that guy?" looking at the autograph crowd. He gave me the strangest look. I dont know why my question was so wrong. Obviously something was happening there, and the genie was out of the bottle. Not like he was using stealth to try to evade a mob sceen and I yelled "LOOK THERE< WHO IS THAT?" I mean, it was happening. Well the one young lady standing there says "You want to know who that is?" and I said "ah...yeah" and she said "I'll tell ya for five bucks" So I give her a look, you know , a "What you talkin bout? You nuts?" look. So then she said "OK three bucks" and I stare at her a second and say "Come on, cut me a break, I'm broke" and she said "OK its ...." and she gave me a name. But I think she lied. Doesnt matter though, as clearly something was afoot here, and it involved a big name hockey player. Even after the concert when I came out, about a dozen guys, wearing hockey shirts, were hanging around outside near the hotel entrance.

Now on to the music. First, the 6 lady musicians. Their leader is flute/whistle player Joanie Madden. She seems a good instrumentalist, but her real strength is her communication skills. She kept interacting with the audience, telling jokes, stories, etc. She gets an A+ for sure with that. You will find few performers, politicans, anyone really who can do what she did. The singer also gets an A with several speaking parts before songs, and an A with her singing too. The piano player is from Scotland, and had a strong accent, but had one speaking part to intro a song and was also very funny. They truly connect with the crowd. The other 3 musicians , a guitar player, an accordian player, and a fiddler, didnt talk. I had hoped to see more of that lady fiddler, but her role was limited to sitting back and although she did have a few parts where she was center of attention, she really didnt stand out much. Then there was a Canadian male fiddler / dancer. He seemed to be an ok fiddler, but his dancing was outstanding. He tried to talk to the crowd too, but to be honest he messed it up: laid an egg. He needs to work on his comedy bit. They also had a brother / sister team of dancers. It was the guy's birthday, 21 today. Then they had 2 younger dancers, maybe 15. The young man seemed to miss a few steps at one point, and seemed a bit nervious. Also, even though there was a no picture rule, someone (parent, dance instructor?) started taking pics when these young kids started dancing, and flashes went off. It may have messed him up. But his errors were minor, he truly did a great job. The young girl was perfect. Amazing young talent.

The sound was a bit off at the start. I could see the flute player / leader doing something, and making hand signals to the sound guy in back. Then she just came on the mic and said "Increase the mix for my flute and the accordian" or something to that effect. I thought the lighting may have been off a bit too., Seemed the accordian player wasnt lit as much as others.

The crowd was a quite bunch. Standing O at the end, but it was a delayed standing O. One of those where one stands, then 2 seconds later another, then 3 seconds later 3 more, etc. Also at the end Joanie dances with the male dancer / fiddler and the older young couple. She does a great job. When you first look at her, your first thought isnt "dancer" , as she isnt a small woman (sorry, how to phrase this?) But she is surprisingly agile and quick. She can move very well, and was right there , didnt miss a step, even though those she danced with were much younger and regular dancers.

They had tables set up and were selling / signing stuff in the lobby after the show. This was chaos. Now to their defense, they hadnt had a lot of time to set up. Maybe I should have stuck around to see how things progressed. But they had the singer and guitar player on the far right, with stacks of CDs and boxes around, selling stuff and signing. But the fiddlers, both the female and male, were sitting at tables way far to the left, no merchandise, no one talking to them, Joanie was trying to make her way to tables but people seemed to want to talk to her and she was slow to get there. There was no real line, as the one table with merchandise was like you find at CW concerts. People just walking up and advancing, without a real line.

They are very good and worth seeing. So if you get the chance, do it!
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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2010, 10:44:36 AM »

Cherish the Ladies is a wonderful talent group I'm glad you had a good time I enjoyed their show 2 years ago

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