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Author Topic: Pittsburgh Show  (Read 2573 times)
kenny celtic fan 2005
Mairead Fan
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« on: March 20, 2008, 09:54:07 PM »

Hello all well I guess my St Paddy's review is better late than not at all.  Wink

    Actually Monday night almost turned into a disaster Sad in more ways than one. I had to work and usually I get done about 7:00 pm I informed my coworker that I would be leaving early. Well he called me abt 12:00 and inform me he's going to be an hour late as he has a doc appointment. I reminded him how I was leaving early he said no problem. In that one hour I had to do his customers and mine too In the mean time it being St Patrick weekend I took in about $12,000 in credit cards slips and that takes time to process. When he got there at 1:30 I told him I needed to close my cashiers window to do my credit card sale slips. I was looking to get done abt 5:30 It took me two hours to get caught up on my work. I opened back up briefly for 1 hour closed and balanced and was on my way home at 5;00 a half hour ahead of time.

  I get home get ready no dinner, I just wanted to get down to the arena early, as I know if there is any traffic problems it will tie up downtown Pittsburgh like crazy and I will be stuck waiting to get a parking space. As my wife Becky is getting ready her oldest sister calls she had major surgery three week earlier and was complaining about her stitches coming un done. I thought oh no we are going to end up in a hospital tonight. Becky tells her sister about the concert and that we were heading do to it. Her sister says for us to have a nice time and that she would call another sister.

   I said lets go I want to get down there early. About three block away from our house Becky decide to check her purse for the tickets and M &G letter, not there. She tell me to go back to the house. No problem its 6;00 got plenty of time turn around go home grab the tickets. I sit in the car and wait three minutes go by she comes out telling me she can't find them.

OK don't panic now keep calm  :-\we'll find them. She told me she had taken them out of her purse to show our one sons she asked him what he saw? He thought she put them in her purse. I looked all around no sign of them anywhere upstairs all around the living room dinning room all but the kitchen. Fifteen minutes of looking no luck. I'm staring to break out into a sweat Cry now. I had let the boys order Chinese food and was eating it when the phone call from older sister happened my wife being a little nervous about the call set the envelope down on the kitchen table and my son set his plate on top of it. I would never had looked there well Becky did and said lets go. Whewwwwwww  :oall the planning to get out of work get ready and get downtown early out the window. Well now its ten to seven it takes fifteen to twenty mins to get to the arena with no traffic I know now It's going to be close.

   No traffic I find a quick parking spot and get in with fifteen mins to find our seats (front row center) look around and relax a little before the show starts. 7;30 no sign of anyone to start the show a couple of PBS announcers appear to welcome us and told us how the Celtic Women wanted to be in Pittsburgh for their St Patrick show this year and that they loved performing in Pittsburgh. Everyone applauded. They explained a lighting problem for the delay. After what I went thru all day it didn't faze me I would have waited all night to see the greatest ladies on earth. When the crowd got restless and started to clap, yea like that's going to speed things up. I just smiled and took in the sight of the stage. so close I could jump right up there and be next to Mairead, Chloe, Lynn, Orla, and Alex. I knew this was going to be my best Celtic show of the three I've been to.

7:45 or close to that time the fog got heaver and lights went low and a shadowy figure appeared in the fog, one arm raised up in a similar pose I knew and felt the excitement build up.  Cheesy Mairead started things off with the slow melodic sound of her magnificent fiddle. Small-violin I know that sound and love it to death. The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun

Well I can tell you one thing nothing beats being that close to the stage seeing the girls up close as they sing all those beautiful songs and hearing Ray and Mike pound on their drums and Mairead running around on that small stage was incredible I couldn't keep up with her. Dam she so flight fully fast. I felt like I was in heaven all night.  Roll Eyes

Chloe and Orla get better each and every year Wink

Chloe always gratefully and curious as ever. Wishing us all a safe and happy St Paddy's day Kiss

Alex and Lynn were fantastic doing the songs of Meav and Lisa ,they are truly gifted singers and fit in perfectly with the other Celtic Women.  Cheesy

This year's Pittsburgh crowed seemed more excited and into the show than last years crowd. Standing Os at the intermission and nice audience participating during most of Maireads tunes and standing Os for the last three songs. I turned around to see what the rest of the crowd was doing and sure enough everyone that I could see was clapping and cheering and standing on their feet.You could tell the Women appreciated all the love and response that they got. They waved and clapped back to us in return for our supporting them. Wow what a great show. Next up the meet and greet

I so much wanted to meet Mairead but we were informed that Orla and Lynn would be doing it. Now I don't normally do these meet and greets and was excited all the same. My wife Becky and I had a cup of coffee while we waited and as the girls entered the room we all appalled softly for them again a nice sign of our love for them for a show well done.

Orla ask me if we had ever met at any of the past meet and greets and I informed her it was my first. She says oh maybe it's because you wave to me during the show. She was so nice and friendly to me and Becky she ask Becky if I was really her husband giving her a nice compliment made her laugh. Lynn was very nice and ask how many show did I see. I wish her well on the tour and said I hoped to see her back next year. I'm not much of a talker in person so really couldn't think of much to say. Meanwhile Becky who said she didn't know what to say was chatting away with Orla like they where best friends. We had a great time and will diffidently be there again next years hopefully front and center and meet and greet again as I told Orla you Ladies get better and better each year.
   How about a best of Celtic Women tour of all the best tunes and songs. Sorry for the long review I can sometime drag thing on. Take care and I hope you all get to see the Women this year. Wink

Kenny Koziar celtic fan
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2008, 10:03:30 PM »

Fantastic review Kenny, but boy I would have been stressing too at the situation with not being able to find the tickets! So glad you found them and everything worked out alright. That is not a fun situation to be in and I'm sure it definitely gave you quite a fright when you couldn't find them.  Shocked

It sounds like the girls were in top form as usual. Just reading your description of Máiréad gives me chills because I so remember that. She's just...incredible live. Really incredible. It's almost hard to describe!  Cheesy

The M&G sounded great as well. Orla and Lynn!! From what everyone says about Orla, she seems to be one outgoing, sweet, friendly lady! That's great that you got to meet her and Miss Lynn. Lynn seems a little more subdued than the other ladies but seems very sweet as well.

It looks as if Pittsburgh was a great show!! Thank you for the review!!!!!!!!!!!
Administrator Emeritus
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« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2008, 10:13:14 PM »

Thank you for that nice review Kenny! Wow, after all you went through that day to finally get seated must have been a huge relief. But oh was it worth it! St. Patrick's day and CW! You just can't beat an up close and personal show from as you said "The best ladies in the world". I hope to meet Orla at one of my remaining concerts as a friend of mine really wants her autograph. I met Lynn in Birmingham and she is very quiet but just lovely. Poor girl I was so stunned by my encounter with Mairead that I must have seemed like a zombie or something. I'm glad you were able to overcome the obstacles of the day and have a memorable night. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us here in the enchanted forest.

An fidléir's mínealaíne i sprite iomlán sin
kenny celtic fan 2005
Mairead Fan
Posts: 14

« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2008, 10:28:06 PM »

Yea thanks  It was a fantastic night and finding words to describe the girls  and the musicians to are getting harder to find just a wonderfully great group of people.   Smiley 

Kenny Koziar celtic fan
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Classical until I'm Baroque.

« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2008, 12:07:39 PM »

Glad you were able to enjoy the show after all that!!  Cheesy

Total Mairead Fanatic!
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Zebra's tell no lies

« Reply #5 on: March 21, 2008, 05:26:04 PM »

Nice review Ken.sounds a bit like the Sky Pilot Journals on the Meav Forum..........all the best planning, and it still goes wrong.......but the end result is magic...........must be how the luck of the Irish operates

The wind blows wherever it pleases, you hear it,but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.So it is with everyone born of the Spirit
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