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January 18, 2018, 02:26:41 PM

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Máiréad has a lovely blog page! She is also on Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram. Go check it out!
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 on: January 17, 2018, 10:56:19 PM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by CWazyTom
I checked the Celtic Nights tour dates out of curiosity. They do have one show that's in range! ...

... but it's on the same day I drive 7 hours in the opposite direction to see Chloë with an orchestra so ... better luck next time, Celtic Nights.  Cheesy

 on: January 17, 2018, 08:52:02 PM 
Started by dbbii - Last post by CWazyTom
Chloe Lowery did a Q+A on Facebook today. She indicated the plan was to tour Rocktopia a bunch after its Broadway run, most likely in the fall of this year.

P.S. Chloe (one of the amazing singers in Rocktopia), is wrapping up her album. It's recorded and is just in mixing now. She's doing a PledgeMusic campaign much like Mairead did: Chloe Lowery also plans to do her own solo tour after the Rocktopia Broadway run, possibly this summer.

 on: January 15, 2018, 07:32:09 PM 
Started by apollomoon - Last post by Moscapoet
Thanks, Monn. I know a few familiar faces will be in Utah for their show. Wish I could be. Gifted trio indeed.

 on: January 15, 2018, 07:29:56 PM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by Moscapoet
Thank you for the Cliff's Notes. Very entertaining video.

 on: January 13, 2018, 01:19:08 AM 
Started by Moscapoet - Last post by CWazyTom
Here's some info on the new Máiréad Nesbitt Viennese Elite Model violin from her line:

It's a Master Art copy of her pedigree Mathias Albani Violin!

 on: January 13, 2018, 01:09:58 AM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by CWazyTom
Mairead did a Facebook video of her interview with "Louie B. Free" on January 12, 2018:

The video is about an hour long.

Here are some of the things they talked about:

- Staying grounded
- Louie says Mairead's as wonderful on the air as she is off the year. Louie found that refreshing.
- Mairead's Background
- 2017 was an amazing and eventful year for Mairead
- Mairead gave a shout-out to Current Celtic Woman and the upcoming Homecoming tour
- Importance of music in her family and her family in her career
- Selecting tracks for Devil's Bit Sessions
- The universal power of music
- The performer isn't the most important part of the performance. It's the audience, the music, and the way that music is communicated.
- Rocktopia, the concept, how she got involved, excitement for Broadway
- There are apparently M+Gs after the Rocktopia Broadway shows (similar to the Rocktopia tour)
- Her violin line and how that came about
- Showed off her pillow (a gift from Glenn and Ronan)
- She played her own Mathias and the new Máiréad Viennese Elite model from her collection
- The violins are made in Europe and finished in New York
- Why the violin evokes such emotion (especially when played by one as gifted as Mairead)
- Mairead says the violin is an instrument with one of the closest sounds to the human voice
- She loves playing with singers because of the way the violin can blend with their voices
- It's a difficult instrument to learn at first, but it's very rewarding when you get the hang of it
- She's proud of inspiring violin players of all ages and providing quality, affordable violins to people
- She started playing piano when she was 4 and the violin when she was 6
- The history of her Matthias
- She's really enjoyed the interaction at her violin workshops
- She's planning to do some workshops in New York in the spring
- She's grateful to her family and fanily
- She played a little of There Is No Night

- P.S. Louie was "fanning" over Mairead the whole time Cheesy

 on: December 31, 2017, 07:23:06 PM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by CWazyTom
Tracks and Paths from Devil's Bit Sessions


Tracks and Paths from Devil's Bit Sessions (subtitled "excerpts from the album") is the DVD accompaniment to Mairead Nesbitt's "Devil's Bit Sessions" family album. The DVD documents the recording of the album and some of the related activities. The DVD also features some scenery that inspired the album, including the local mountain, the Devil's Bit.


The DVD was originally exclusive to Mairead's PledgeMusic campaign for Devil's Bit Sessions. The DVD was also offered as a tip reward through one of Mairead's four StageIt shows in 2017. However, due to technical difficulties, the show never got broadcast on StageIt so the tip rewards didn't get processed. The DVD became available to the general public late in 2017, when Mairead made it available through her web site by popular request.




The DVD comes in a cardboard jacket with a slit on one edge. It's not enclosed in a jewel case, so it does tend to slide out of the jacket quite easily. Please use caution when holding the DVD jacket with the DVD inside, since if the edge with eh open slit is tilting downwards, the DVD may slide out of the jacket.

The DVD jacket itself looks similar to the Devil's Bit Session cover.

The DVD jacket was signed by Mairead!


The DVD is 20 minutes in length and includes:
- Musical excerpts and some other footage from the recording of Devil's Bit
- Some local scenery
- Some of the activities surrounding the DVD recording and the associated family gathering
- Some interviews, including ones with Mairead and John Nesbitt
- A photo montage
- Overhead footage from drones

The things that are talked about during the interviews are things Mairead has already covered in her PledgeMusic campaign and social media, so there's not any earth shattering revelations. The strength of the DVD is that it compliments the feel of the album and helps to document that remarkable weekend with the Nesbitt family.

The video quality is pretty good. The audio for the voices on the interviews is relatively low (similar to the Devil's Bit Sessions album itself), but it's easy enough to crank up the volume a little so you can hear what's being said.

Overall Impression

I thought it was fairly well done. It's a fitting accompaniment for the album and would be a great addition to the collection of any serious Mairead Nesbitt fan.

Sounds Great! Where Do I Get It?

The DVD may be ordered through Mairead's web site:



 on: December 26, 2017, 12:10:16 AM 
Started by apollomoon - Last post by VonnyandJohn from Oz
Thank you for the link. Beautiful voices.

 on: December 24, 2017, 10:58:05 PM 
Started by apollomoon - Last post by apollomoon
Hello friends!

For those of you who might be interested in what Alex Sharpe is up to these days here is some new info for you.  Together with Lynn Hillary and Edel Murphy, she has formed a musical ensemble named CaraNua. They are presenting a nice mix of works; both traditional Irish pieces, as well as contemporary selections.

In conversations with Alex recently, she has said she is very excited about the future of the group and is certainly pleased to be working with Lynn and Edel. Their soaring vocals are incredibly beautiful and any fan of music will find them a wonderful experience to enjoy. They recently were featured on Jason Tonioli's new cd "Favorite Hymns" as vocalists on all but 1 track.

Here is a link to their website if you would like more information.


 on: December 24, 2017, 07:32:12 PM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by Moscapoet
To my knowledge CN never did a DVD. But they did do some video snippets you can find on Youtube. I think Una is in some of those.

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