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September 22, 2018, 12:08:57 PM

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 on: September 20, 2018, 08:43:40 AM 
Started by dbbii - Last post by Ron
Here it is less than a month away and there's still only six dates listed. Seven if you count Wallingford. But that was only listed through CT PBS, and apparently, they're sold out now. The Oakdale theater doesn't even have the show listed yet. Even at this late, I hope they add more dates. Otherwise, I'll be missing it as well. They call this a tour, but that's hardly the word for it at this point. It's just a string of gigs across New England. It would seem hardly worth putting together with all the cost involved. I'm watching and waiting. We'll see I suppose.

 on: August 22, 2018, 05:47:15 AM 
Started by Ron - Last post by Ron
You're right. Amy has a magnificent voice and she's a pleasure to listen to. Going into the show, I was thinking to myself: "This is going to be great! Lindsey Stirling will be a perfect fit with Evanescence". But it turned out to be rather anti-climactic after Lindsey. I'm not saying we didn't have a good time. We did. But it would have been perfect had Evanescence delivered the show they're famous for. It would be like Rocktopia sticking Máiréad in the backline seated behind a music stand. I mean, good luck with that, right? LOL

Did you get a chance to watch the video I sent you on Facebook? I'll post it here for the benefit of forum members. As you can hear in that video, they're actually playing to orchestral tracks. They could have done this with an orchestra and it would have sounded great! Instead we get Amy crooning to the audience all night. I don't know who's idea it was to tone the show down. Prior to the show, I hadn't met Amy. As Amy is the founder and owner of the Evanescence "brand", during the show I began to wonder if it was Amy getting self serving with her fame. But when I met her and talked with her, I didn't get that impression. It seemed as if she missed the energy of the classic Evanescence show as well. She did mention, however, that this "toned down" show has allowed them to play more prestigious venues. Who knows?

What an Evanescence show is SUPPOSED to be like:

 on: August 21, 2018, 06:32:20 PM 
Started by dbbii - Last post by CWazyTom
There are a few tour dates for Rocktopia this fall:

Mairead will be on the tour as far as I know.

There are some shows that would be close enough for me to get to, but there's no realistic chance of me going. The price of seeing Celtic Woman at a castle is a steep one, financially and in terms of vacation days. Plus I'm banking on a CaraNua tour and after missing out on their show in January (and most importantly, missing out on seeing Edel with that group), I have to see CaraNua while I have the chance, no matter what.

If anyone reading this hasn't seen Rocktopia, go see it if you can!  I saw it twice last year and it was really good!

 on: August 21, 2018, 06:20:38 PM 
Started by Ron - Last post by CWazyTom
Great recap!

My friend, who is an Evanescence fan, enjoyed the show, but he wasn't high on the orchestra or energy level either. I thought I was just having an energy dip after Lindsey's spectacular act or that the energy in the audience was a bit lower after some of the Lindsey-only fans left at intermission. I guess it wasn't just me though.

I don't go to a lot of rock shows and the only group I follow closely enough to know the band is Celtic Woman. So for me, the orchestra was fine. I was too far back to see anybody in the band, much less the expressions on their faces. I was just blown away by Lindsey and mesmerized by Amy Lee's voice.

 on: August 21, 2018, 12:21:15 PM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by Ron
I just got through seeing the same show! I just wrote a review on the Non-CW shows section. My take on Evanescence was not as positive. But I'm a rocker, and I know what Evanescence is capable of. They're better than that, and they didn't exploit all the talent the band has to offer. I was feeling bad for my friend. But you'll see all that in my review. Thanks for sharing your experience!

 on: August 20, 2018, 01:12:55 PM 
Started by Ron - Last post by Ron
Evanescence guitarist, Troy McLawhorn, and I go way back. We grew up in the same home town, and our respective bands played together often at little Birthday parties and such gigs in our high school days. As our local notoriety increased, we shared the stage a time or two. I would later switch career goals and move to the other side of the studio glass to become a recording engineer while Troy would go on to become an internationally known rock guitarist.

Recently, Troy and I responded to a mutual friend in need. I acquired a guitar: an entry level, student model Ibanez GRG120BDX from a pawnshop for under $100. At that price, the guitar was in serious need of TLC to bring her back up to playable condition, which I also provided as my hobby is guitar restoration/modification. Troy agreed to have Evanescence sign it so it could be auctioned off to raise funds to help out our friend. So began an adventure for Steph and I as we were special guests at an Evanescence show where Lindsey Stirling happened to be the opening act! We made our way south to West Palm Beach Saturday morning so we could meet Troy at the tour buses that afternoon. We had to deliver the guitar to him so he could have it signed by the band before the show. After the meeting, Steph and I grabbed a bite to eat, then relaxed in our hotel room while awaiting time for the show.

Lindsey Stirling:

Many of you have seen Lindsey perform, and I’ve read the accounts of her amazing show. She did not disappoint. Her performance was absolutely breath taking! What surprised me were the elaborate set pieces and multiple costume changes that were incorporated in her show. Now, I know she’s well known for that sort of thing. But the reason I was surprised was that it was WAY elaborate for an opening act. Openers generally have to scale back their show so as not over shadow the headliner. But this wasn’t the case here. She played for well over an hour as if was if she were a co-headliner. Evanescence vocalist, Amy Lee, even joined her onstage for a number. I don’t know if this was due to Lindsey’s increasing notoriety, or Evanescence’s willingness to let her showcase such an elaborate show. A combination of both, perhaps?

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet Lindsey. We were guests of Evanescence. Lindsey had a private meeting with her own guests. Oh well, maybe next time.


To be honest, I was somewhat disenchanted by this show. This is the first time that Evanescence is being backed by a local orchestra on each stop of the tour. This is quickly becoming a trend as many of us here have seen with our favorite fiddler and Rocktopia. The folks with Rocktopia know how it should be done, allowing all the featured performers, singers and instrumentalists alike, to share the spot light. But this was less like an Evanescence show and more like “the Amy Lee show”. Amy was prominently featured, but the string section of her band were relegated to being seated behind music stands (heresy for a rock musician), played only about half the time, and actually looked bored most of the time. It was in very sharp contrast to the high energy performance Evanescence is well known for. In my opinion, they need to either take a page or two from the Rocktopia play book, or just lose the orchestra altogether. When talking to Amy afterwards, even she said it feels strange for her not having her band mates at her side in the limelight. A couple of high points though: Lindsey reciprocated by joining Amy for a beautiful number with Amy on piano and vocal. Troy’s guitar counterpart, Jen Majura, played Theremin on a few numbers. For the encore, the band came back onstage in their true element, sans orchestra, and did a cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tears”.

After the Show:

After the show, we were escorted to a meeting area where we got to hang out with members of Evanescence who had expected guests, in this case; Troy, Amy, and drummer, Will Hunt. In sharp contrast to a CW meet & greet, hor’d oeuvres were served, as well as a selection of drinks from water or soda to beer and even champagne! Around the time I hit my forties, champagne/wine started giving me heartburn, so I decided to stick with the beer. Steph was thrilled having been a fan of Evanescence since it’s inception. Will had his family as his guests, so I left him alone to spend time with them. Steph did manage a quick photograph with him though. I spent most of the time catching up with Troy. At one point, while Troy was engaged with other fans, I had a nice conversation with Amy. She’s a warm, down to earth person. During our conversation, I made the comment on how impressed I was with Jen’s Theremin playing. Amy’s response: “Oh yeah, she’s great. I have one of the classic ones, but I can’t play it. I drag it out for parties and we make fart noises with it”.

I followed Troy to the dressing room at another point to retrieve the signed guitar. On the way, we ran into Jen Majura. Jen is endorsed by Ibanez guitars, and was genuinely thrilled I had chosen an Ibanez to be signed. This led to some good natured ribbing between her and Troy on Ibanez vs Paul Reed Smith. Troy, like former CW guitarist, Ewan Cowley, is a PRS guy. I had to side with Jen on this one. I own a couple of Ibanez’s (Ibanezes? Ibani?) myself. And while I agree that Paul Reed Smith makes some of the finest solid body electrics in the world, I’ve never been aesthetically drawn to them personally. At least not enough to pay the high price demanded for them anyway. I agree, Jen. Pound for pound, Ibanez offers more bang for the buck in my opinion.

We were among the last guests to leave at around 1:30am. We had a wonderful time and it made up for a somewhat lackluster show (from a heavy rock perspective anyway).

Evanescence with signed guitar: Tim McCord (bass guitar), Will Hunt (drums), Troy McLawhorn (lead guitar), Amy Lee (lead vocal, piano), Jen Majura (guitar, theremin, backing vocal)

Amy belting it out while Jen and Tim looked bored.

Me and Troy

Me and Amy

.......of Ibanez, for those interested:

Entry level: The Ibanez GRG120BDX signed and ready for auction

Pro level: Jen wielding her Ibanez RG6USC. Hers is specially built at the Ibanez custom shop to her own personal specifications.

In between: Only Ibanez endorsees have access to the Ibanez custom shop. Alas, though I wait by the phone, Ibanez never calls. So I have to do my own modifications. My Ibanez RG370QMSP (left) with her sister, a B.C. Rich Mockingbird, modeling their freshly installed, hand wound Seymour Duncan pickups.

 on: July 28, 2018, 09:56:45 PM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by CWazyTom
I finally saw Lindsey last night when she performed with Evanescence!

It was a great show!

I showed up in a Mairead Nesbitt t-shirt to a Lindsey Stirling concert on Tara's birthday.  Wink

It was scheduled to start at 7 PM, but it actually started at 8 PM. There was a pre-show before the show: a 2-person cello and percussion set. It was a mixture of classical and rock, similar to Rocktopia and was entertaining. A large part of the audience showed up near 8 PM, so I guess they weren't interested in the pre-show (or got stuck in traffic).

The main part of the concert was more or less split into two acts. Lindsey's set was the first half of the show and Evanescence was the second half. They did a couple of guest spots in each others' sets.

Lindsey was fantastic! There was quite a bit of production value, with moving stage pieces, video screen backdrops, dancers, and lots of lights. I've seen a bunch of Lindsey's YouTube videos and I have her DVD, so I knew she was going to move around a lot, but I was still pretty surprised. She moves energetically all over the stage like Mairead Nesbitt does. Lindsey has legit dance skills too. She told some inspirational stories to introduce some of her songs. One got a bit long-winded, but most of them were really good. She seems like such a down to earth, genuine person.

The show was at a partially-covered open air venue. My friend and I were sitting under the covered part, but pretty far back. I could see the performers moving around, but couldn't see details. It was no good for pictures with my phone from that distance, especially not with Lindsey moving around the stage so much. One think I thought could have been better was the contrast between Lindsey and the background (the video screens). She blended into the background a lot. It was really hard to see her in most of the pictures I took.

Both Lindsey and Evanescence performed with a local orchestra. They both sounded great with an orchestra.

I thought Lindsey's act was very enjoyable! It was everything I was expecting, but even better!

I got the sense that while there were people there that were interested in both acts, there were also quite few who were there for one of the acts and not so much for the other. While the crowd was very supportive of Lindsey, I'd guess 70% of the audience was there for Evanescence. The crowd was definitely getting a little restless by the end of Lindsey's set because they were wondering if they were going to get to hear Amy Lee or not.

After Lindsey's set (Act Small-violin, they pretty much just brought the lights up and didn't explain it was intermission. I think most people knew there was a second half coming, but there was a chunk of the audience that didn't stick around for the second half. I guess they were Lindsey fans that saw everything they came to see.

Prior to last night's show, there was only a few Evanescence songs I had heard before. I thought the second half was good, although it was a bit too loud for my liking. They really turned up the volume on the speakers. The second half was definitely less energetic than Lindsey's set, but it still managed to hold my attention pretty well, except when people were moving around and getting food and drink orders at their seats during the show. That got distracting and a little annoying after a while.

Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence) is an incredible singer! She has tremendous range and nearly unlimited power. I have no idea how she sings so loud, so high, for so long and repeats that over a whole tour. I suspect that's part of the reason she's doing a split show with Lindsey though, because singing like that has to be wearing out her voice.

The show was about 3 hours, but after Evanescence performed My Immortal towards the end of the show, a sizable part of the crowd left. I guess they heard what they came to hear or were trying to avoid the thunderstorm that was approaching. We stayed for the rest of the show, which was a few more songs. It was kind of odd timing that lightning was flashing all around the venue at about the same time as Evanescence was performing a song with lightning bolts arcing across the video screens.

Overall, I thought it was a great show! I was there primarily to see Lindsey, but I definitely enjoyed both acts. I have even more respect for Lindsey and Amy Lee after having seen them live for the first time.

If this show is coming near you and you're into Lindsey Stirling and/or Evanescence music, consider seeing this show if you can.

 on: July 28, 2018, 09:54:16 PM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by CWazyTom
Wonder if anyone went to this?

I considered it, but there too many cons:
- Cost (it's more than I would pay for a Meet and Greet and there was no Meet and Greet for this show)
- Timing
- Mairead and Lynn's limited time in the spotlight during the show
- Multiple people I was considering going with bailed on the plan
- I'm potentially going to a lot of shows in the second half of the year and this would have eaten into the budget and vacation day allotment that I might need later. I missed out on seeing CaraNua in January by not leaving enough left over.  Cry

 on: July 18, 2018, 11:24:11 AM 
Started by JimM. - Last post by Moscapoet
May he rest in peace. The world would not be the same without Celtic Woman.

 on: July 18, 2018, 11:23:18 AM 
Started by CWazyTom - Last post by Moscapoet
Wonder if anyone went to this?

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