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Title: Thank you for ten years ago and beyond
Post by: Moscapoet on February 23, 2018, 08:50:43 PM
Dear Máiréad,

   Ten years ago last night we met for the very first time. At that meeting it seemed you knew almost as much about me as I did about you. The meet and greet was huge with dozens of people. I was mid way through the line yet you took extraordinary time and care with me. A certain tour manager was getting very antsy about it but you persisted. I came away from it floating on a cloud. I had finally met my muse and inspiration. And you also had great things to say about the then infant fan forum built for you. This place is still here thanks to you. And I am still here and will forever be a most avid fan and supporter of your work and career. You continue to inspire even though my writings have slowed. But back then things were new. You could have dismissed me and moved me along, but you didn't. I said all I wanted and need ed to and your responses were most kind. Thank you for that and all the marvelous moments on stage and off this past ten years.